Emerald Pearl Acrylic Hand Turned Mini Sketch Pencil

$40.00 USD



  • Acrylic
  • Mini Sketch Pencil
  • 3mm
My acrylic pencils are all one of a kind and crafted by hand. They feature quality metal hardware that delivers a satisfying weight and feel in the hands in addition to their smooth writing.
This mini sketch pencil features 3mm graphite lead and is small enough to carry with you anywhere.
The rear of the pencil can be twisted off to access the built in sharpener.
It is a shorter version of a sketch pencil that accepts 3mm lead
The overall length is 4 1/2"

Perfect for sketch artists and a beautiful Keepsake to pass down.

The features of this pencil:

Style: Mini Sketch Pencil
Material: Acrylic - Emerald Green Pearl
Metal Finish: Chrome
Lead: 3mm lead
9mm in length
Built in sharpener in lid
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