3" Hand Carved Wooden Bears, Made in MN, Carved with Love, Autumn the Collectible Bears, Hand Painted, Take her Home, perfect Gift,

$45.00 USD



  • Wood
  • Pine
  • Stained
  • Made In USA
  • Carved Wood
  • Made In MN
  • Natural Wood
  • Hand Painted Bear
  • Signed On Bottom
  • Story Card
  • Birthday
  • Perfect Gift
  • Autumn Bear
This cute 3" carved bear is made in Minnesota, carved with love.
They have their own unique personalities.
Each Bear is Hand painted and named!

Autumn loves being outside, Her favorite season is Autumn.
She loves to hide and play in the leaves.
She is 3" tall.

Gifts of Love that nature created one ring at a time.
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