10.5" Wood Turned Sliver Maple Bowl Set, Salad Bowl, Serving Bowl, Set of 2, Food Safe, MN Made, Housewarming Gift, Treat yourself

$170.00 USD



  • Wood
This Beautiful 10.5" Wood Turned Silver Maple Bowl Set. It is a set of 2, The Salad and Serving Bowl have matching Wood Grain as they are from the same piece. Can be used for salad or makes a great centerpiece or popcorn bowl.

The finish is oil that penetrates deep into the wood and hardens quickly leaving a rich, durable finish. It is natural and food safe.

The dimensions are 10.5" x 4"
Small Serving Bowl 8' x 3.5"

This Silver Maple has unique features and knots, it is sure to be the keepsake to hand down to future generations.
Unique present for the holidays, weddings, house warmings and birthdays.

Give a gift of Love that nature created one ring at a time.
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